Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sparkles for Autumn

 After a full couple months of trying to round out the kids' school wardrobe, it was about time to sew for me!  And what better excuse than a sew-along?  The ladies behind Project Run and Play also run a grown-up sewing competition called Project Sewn.  It is just as much fun and they have designers with completely different and wonderful styles.

This is actually the final week of this season's competition and just like PR&P, the final week is themed: signature style.  This was just the excuse I needed to break out some fabric that was given to me. 

Last year, a friend gave me a big bag of fabric that her sister was getting rid of in order to just clean out the sewing room.  I was quite grateful and have been slowly making my way through it.  One of the items was a velvety textured bold print in Autumn colors.  Several times I have been accused of having a propensity to wear upholstery fabric on my lower half.  I actually have had a couple pair of pants with large floral prints or fun textures.  However, I have been avoiding them the last few years after reading that petite women should avoid large graphics.

But, since this fabric was free....

I decided to use a burda A-line skirt that has wonderful clean lines in order to allow my bold print take center stage.  I have been meaning to use this pattern for almost a year, so it was about time.  I made the version that had in-seam pockets which were both easy and convenient. I also lined it because I did not want that velvety fabric to stick to my tights.  Since I was lining it, I took advantage of the lining and slip stitched the hem on the inside thus having a clean look.

The size I used was 38, but after correcting a cutting mistake, it was more like a 36.  And it fit perfect.  YEA!  I am a bit confused by that because my measurements really dictated a 38, but either there is a lot of ease built into this skirt, or I miss-measured, or the sizing is totally goofy.

The top is also a burdastyle pattern from the same magazine.  I made it before, (HERE) but I changed things up a bit this time.  I made a knit band to finish both the neckline and around the hem.

The fabric is one I found on clearance.  I wanted a soft textured brown knit to go with this skirt.  But, my local Joanns had nothing close to that.  But, in the clearance aisle there was this creamy knit with little swirls of sequins.  It is quite a bit dressier than I wanted.  But it really does fit my signature style.  I am always over dressing for the occasion.  I am in the military, so I wear a uniform 5 days a week.  So, when I go out, I usually want to wear something feminine and fun... which usually translates as over-dressed.

But, I think this top will be great for holiday parties, so it should get some use over the next couple of months.

So, what is it about your style that is a bit quirky? 

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  1. I love both of these things - and I've made them both too, so you obviously have good taste!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses upholstery fabrics for clothes. I think the brown skirt is lovely and I like how your sparkly fabric is made into a casual style top. Perfect.

    1. I remembered that you had made the skirt, so I made sure I read your blog post before starting mine. You are definitely one of my resources.

  2. This totally looks like something I would wear too!
    Beautiful job!

  3. I love to see inside skirts (ok...that sounded wrong) but it's true. I love to see the way people finish garments...and yours is perfect! Love the bold fabric choice too!

  4. Much better than a uniform! That print is perfect for a petite skirt.

  5. Looks great!! Love that there are pockets.


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