Friday, May 27, 2016

DIY hats for Disney

Pin It If you follow me on social media, you know that our family is counting down the days until we go to Disney World.  Last time we went, we only had two kids and the second was only 18 months.  So, for two out of three, it will be a first time type experience.

I had seen all over Pinterest different custom and homemade Disney ears and thought that would be a fun project for my oldest and I to do together.  She is twelve, so some days are a bit strained and I am always looking for ways for us to have a close moment.

She is quite the artist, she she sketched out what we would do for various characters.  I am a firm believer that people should wear hats to protect their faces from the sun, so we went to the Dollar Store and picked up some ball caps.  Also at the Dollar Store we bought craft foam.

Those were the only two purchases for this project and everything else we used were scraps or notions I had on hand.  That forced us to be especially creative.

I had a few bumps in the road.  The first hat we worked on, Fear from Inside out seemed to be a miserable failure and I wondered if that was going to be the case for all of them.  I had to put it aside for a while and work on the next hat.

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A special thank you to my husband for modeling and taking selfies of each one!

Genie from Aladdin was next and I think that one turned out quite well.  It was a good thing too because it gave me the emotional strength to keep on going.

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Ignore arm and hair behind him.

We then made King Triton from Little Mermaid.

Without Directions blog

And then was our most complicated one, Rapunzel from the movie Tangled.  I really enjoyed this one and like the music a lot.  I did not realize how good the music was until my youngest was listening to Disney radio on Pandora and I discovered that those songs really are pretty good and do not get old as fast as some of the others.

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This one is one of my daughter's favorite.  She loves the movie Lilo and Stitch.  She drew the picture of Stitch free hand and then we laminated it with packing tape.  She also drew and cut the shapes of our white leaves.

Without Directions Blog

By the time I did this last one, I totally was done fighting with the ears.  That was the main problem; our ears did not want to stand up.  So I asked my son if I could just glue the Baymax face on his hat. He was cool with that, so I was too.

I broadcast some of our progress and struggles on Periscope.  (you can follow me there if you want @MajorMoma) and I save 3 of the 4 videos.  So if you want to know our ear struggles and solutions, watch these:



I never got a picture of our Fear hat completed.  It is OK.  So if you follow on Instagram, you are sure to see it being modeled in the happiest place on earth and you can decide if it was worth the effort.

Thank you for letting me be apart of your day! Did you know I have an Etsy shop? Well I do and there I sell handmade home decor. Come on by and check it out.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Crocheting Star Wars

Pin It If you follow me on instagram you have seen that since Christmas I have been crocheting Star Wars figurines.  My husband bought me a kit from Costco that had a book by Lucy Collin and enough yarn for two characters.

I of course immediately bought some yarn for the rest of the characters and have been slowly working through the book.  The book is quite well written and all the characters are the classic ones from the 1970s.  My kids are huge Star Wars fans  and so they love to play with them after I complete each little guy.

I would love to share pictures, but I seem to have deleted the ones on my phone and can't figure out how to transfer my instagram photos over to blogger and since I am not in the mood for a complete photo shoot, you will have to settle for a video.
I recently shared about all of my completed characters in Periscope, so if you want to check out the 'live action' explanation, click HERE.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

I am learning new tricks

Pin It Ok guys, I did something entirely new!

You know that I have been trying to develop a business and in my search on how to effectively use social media, I learned about Periscope.  Are you all on Periscope?  Do you just watch others or do you actively use it?

Well, if any of you were behind the times like me, it is a way to live broadcast your thoughts and it is associated with twitter.  If you already have a twitter account, you can just log onto periscope using the same log on information.  But if you are like me and have avoided twitter, then you can choose to set up an account just on periscope, or on both.  I did both.  But I am not very good at coming up with short pithy statements so I am not sure how much I will use twitter.

But anyway ... I broadcasted my first periscope 'talk' ... 'show' ... I don't know what to call it.  As I was broadcasting, the camera was not showing so I had no idea what was being seen.  Needless to say it did not show like I had wanted.  I looked pretty silly trying to show things that were not in the camera view.  And though I new what I wanted to say and went over it a couple times in my mind, I still rambled on and on and on.  I had one viewer and they only lasted a minute. Frankly, I don't blame them.

Want to watch?  I was able to save the URL, so I think you can go see it.


Update:  I guess the video didn't truly save.  So I will have to work on that skill too!

See? I pretty much am horrible at this.  Go ahead and laugh at me.  I sure did. But, that does not mean I will give up.  I hope to do a short broadcast most evenings until I have enough experience to be able to either be good at it or know that I really don't like it.

Let me know if you use periscope so I can follow you and see how it should be done.

And, if you happen to have an opinion on whether I should use cotton or acrylic, or mix of both on the next bath poof I make; please share that too!!

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Marigold dress, a quick an wonderful sew

Pin It If you look at my posts from two years ago, you will see that I frequently raved about the wonders of Melissa at Melly Sews and the owner/designer of Blank Slate Patterns.  I have been impressed with her from the beginning and I feel special bragging rights (though none if it has nothing to do with my skill) that I was one of her first testers.

Well, there was a time period where I was not sewing much and just not having a need for her patterns and I have not sewn a Blank Slate pattern for a while.  Well, that recently changed.  I needed a dress for Easter and had grand plans to use one of my fancy new Burda Style patterns.  I love Burda Style but they do tend to need more time to complete and I was loosing time fast.  So, I decided to change my plans and sew the Marigold Dress that I had been wanting to have on my list but not yet gotten around to deciding what to do with it.

Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

The Marigold was so fast and so cute.  I asked myself, Why?  Why had I stopped sewing Blank Slate patterns?
Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

I really liked the fit.  I normally wear a small but my measurements put me squarely in the medium so a medium I made.  I think I will lengthen the bodice by an inch next time because I want the elastic to sit a little lower.  But other than that, the fit was perfect.

Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

The fabric was last year's Gertie Hirsch fabric made for Joanns.  It is a light weight chambray with little pink cherries.  Too cute.

Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

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