Monday, December 31, 2012

Another zebra print

I (Major Moma) have always loved animal prints and it is a good thing that they are frequently in fashion in various forms.  This year, I have seemed to have a special fascination with zebra prints as I have made items with them here, here, here, and here.
And now, here I go again.  This time I am using more of the ITY knit I used for Abi's zebra shirt I made for her fall clothing line. 

Silly pose... really, how am I supposed to pose for these pictures?

When I was in VA and my mom and I were hanging out, I picked up a Burda Style pattern magazine.  It was so funny, as I was buying it (and other fabric type items) the sales clerk almost apologized for the price.  "I know $9.50, is a lot, but it is a great magazine..."  I stopped her.  The magazine is packed with TONS of patterns in a variety of sizes and online, you would have to pay $5.40 per pattern.  Basically, I only need to sew up 2 of the patterns to make buying the magazine worth it.  I have already placed about 6 of these patterns on my sewing list, so I am sure I will definitely get my money's worth.  She must get a lot of people who don't understand the value of the magazine complaining. 
side detail

This shirt is sewn up using the Pullover 11/2012 #128 pattern.  It is a tunic style knit shirt with a deep scoop neck and long cuffs.  It has two different lengths of bands on the bottom hem creating this side detail. (There is another version, #129 without the bands.) The back band is longer than the front.  Burda patterns, in general, come with sparse instructions and no seam allowances.  This was no exception.  But, the instructions it had were straight forward and I have sewn long enough that this simple top was not confusing at all. 

There was one new (to me) technique used for this top.  The neck line is finished with bias tape.  The pattern had me sew one shoulder seam and then finish the edge of the neckline with bias tape.  Then, you sew the second shoulder seam.  The rest of the construction is fairly standard.


I really like the top.  It is quite comfortable but when I make another, I will not have the neckline be so deep.  As I lift and carry small children, it is just too easy to  be over-exposed with such a deep neckline.


  1. I like your better than the websites' illustration! I love the animal print too! Great job!

  2. I have this traced out now! Thanks for the great review. I was wondering how it sewed up. The neckline (as I suspected) looks a little wider than I want for a winter top. But, it shows off your neck / chest so nicely!

  3. Cool, great looking top! I was just searching for reviews of this and I found your blog for the second time in one day! You can tell that sales lady that in Australia we have to pay $15.99 for this magazine and the Nov 2012 issue has only just arrived here in Perth in late January 2013!! I'll be checking back to see what else you make from it :)


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