Monday, November 26, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

Hello all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I (Major Moma) sure did.

We spent time with our Chapel Family, decorated for Christmas, whatched Christmas movies, and had friends over.  It was a very busy weekend, but really quite fun.

I also got a little bit of sewing in.

First, I made my project for this month's Inspiration Point.  Since it was mainly a black and white inspiration image, I went searching through my black and white fabric.  I had a hard time deciding what to do, but then finally I settled on making an infinity scarf.  I have been wanting to make one ever since I saw this post at Alida Makes.

So, I took some zebra sweater knit fabric that I only had a half a yard of and some left over white satin fabric from last year's Christmas sewing and cut them into long strips.  I followed the tutorial from Alida, so I don't have anything really to add about the construction.

I like the way it turned out.  It will be warm and a bit dressy for those holiday parties I will be attending.

On other news, I finished my Wiggle dress so you will be seeing a post on that soon.  I just need to take the pictures.

And finally, I have one more important thing to talk about.  This Christmas, my family is thinking of different ways we can be giving.  We want to make sure that our money is not going to buy things we, and others don't really need.  Instead, we want to be more creative and support various charities. 

We have been doing this for a while with the adult gifts.  We usually buy livestock for third world families through World Vision or Heifer (two great organizations).  But my husband and I want to increase our focus on those who are less fortunate than us and provide and example to our children of generousity instead of entitlement.

If your family is considering doing the same, may I suggest an organization that is pretty fabulous?

My mother is very much involved with an NGO called Days for Girls.  They sew up washable feminine hygine products and distribute them to girls that live in areas where disposable products are either too expensive, or impractical considering the lack of waste removal infrastucture.  This organization is as grass roots as it gets and has negligible overhead costs.  If you are interested in sewing up some of these products or want to give money to support their shipment overseas, I have provided two great links for more information.

 Global Giving Girl Effect Challenge

Days for Girls Official site

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