Monday, October 28, 2013

coat of many colors

Last weekend, I was at Jo-Ann fabric store using my coupons and getting some things that have been on my list for a while that happened to be on sale.  It was on that trip that I bought the sequin embellished knit for the project I shared last week.  While I was wondering the aisles, I came upon a fabric that I thought was simply stunning. It is a black knit with many colors of wool yarn tacked down and then felted through the fabric.  I tossed the bolt in my cart and continued on!

felted yarn on knit

When at the cutting table though, I really was at a loss as to how much of this beautiful, colorful fabric to buy since I did not have any project in mind at all.  So, I just went for a yard and 1/2 since that would give me a few options without generating too much waste.

The fabric was not cheap.  It was $25 a yard, but luckily I had a 50% off coupon.  If you like this fabric, I discovered carries different colors at a much better price than Jo-Ann (unless you have the coupon)

felted yarn on knit

I happened to have a hair appointment last weekend too, so as I waited for my color to set, I flipped through a Style magazine looking for inspiration for my new fabric.  What I decided was that I wanted to have raglan sleeves and duplicate the silhouette I saw for many leather tops.  I just needed to find a pattern.

felted yarn on knit

As luck would have it, my BurdaStyle magazine from November 2012 had a jacket that had a very similar silhouette.  It was meant to be a short sleeve fur jacket, but it worked perfect for this fabric.

felted yarn on knit
ummm... my skirt does not look this short in real life

I planned on inserting leather strips as piping at the sleeve seams.  But the fabric was so bold, I decided I should not go crazy.

felted yarn on knit

But in order to add some unique specialness, I used antler buttons.  I picked these up in downtown Anchorage during an artisan market this summer.  The vendor is Antlers & Ivory and they had beautifully carved antlers.  I could not afford the carvings, but I could pick up a couple of buttons.

felted yarn on knit
wrong side of the fabric and my pocket

I think they a perfect with this jacket.  I placed them up top, so the jacket can swing open easily as I plan on using it as a layering piece.

felted yarn on knit
brown twill lining

I also lined it with brown twill.  I was unsure how the felting would hold up when wearing, so I figured I should protect it.  And it does create a very finished look.  Since I was adding a lining, I also added a small square patch pocket on the inside.  That way I could toss my phone in there if needed.
Though it does have inseam pockets that are just the right size for me.

felted yarn on knit
pocket contents

I wore it to church this weekend and by the afternoon, the pockets already contained socks, plastic stencils, and a lipstick.

How often do you pick up a fabric with no project in mind?

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  1. I love this jacket! The fabric is gorgeous and it suits you perfectly. I saw some fabric similar to this a few months ago and didn't buy it. Now I wish I had!


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