Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boy's Polo, Alaska style

My son told me he wanted more shirts that have a knit body but woven collar.  Well, that is not what he exactly said.  He said "I want more shirts like this."  And he held out a brown and green striped polo with a knit body, ribbed cuffs, and a woven collar + placket.

Burda Style Long Sleeve Polo 08/2011 #145

Off I went in search of an appropriate pattern.  If I did not find what I needed, I planned on modifying a collared shirt pattern.  But luckily, I found exactly what he wanted on BurdaStyle.  The pattern is sized (European) 110-134.  What I liked best was the professional finish of the placket.  It was just like his RTW shirt.
Burda Style Long Sleeve Polo 08/2011 #145 Burda Style Long Sleeve Polo 08/2011 #145
He is a 110 and it fit him perfectly.

Burda Style Long Sleeve Polo 08/2011 #145

I used a bright textured knit that I recently bought for him and a woodsy flannel that I bought when I was pregnant with him.  The ribbing was purchased some time in between and was a scrap left over from a previous project.  A great mix of stash busting and finding great deals.

Burda Style Long Sleeve Polo 08/2011 #145

To tie the woodsy themed flannel in and to appease my boy who wanted an embroidered element, I choose a bear scene for the back.  Here in Alaska, the woodsy theme is everywhere.  Actually they often refer to the style here as Alaska casual which basically equates to some hiking or camouflage clothing mixed with jeans and a knit hat.

Burda Style Long Sleeve Polo 08/2011 #145

Have you ever been in search something very particular and found the perfect pattern?

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  1. I love the personal details you put on the shirt. It looks fabulous!


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