Monday, November 11, 2013

Temporary sewing space

 Hello and happy Veteran's Day.  Most of the time, I just talk about my sewing projects or use them as a means to talk about my amazing kids.  But occasionally I mention my day job; the fact that I am a Solider in the US Army.  And right now, the two are converging in a different way.

See, the Army has seen it fit to send me to Georgia for some military schooling.  And I will be here until March.  I am to learn how to be a better thinker, leader, and planner.  I am living in a hotel on post and attend classes during the day.  My family is still in Alaska enjoying their first winter up north.

So, what do I do when I am not studying how to think, lead, and plan?  I have no kids to chase around and no husband to kiss.  Well, I brought my sewing machine and some fabric.  I figure there is no reason for me to stop sewing entirely.  I have plenty of homework, but there will be some down time to make some clothes for the kids.  I am just unsure how I will get pictures without models.

Also, I figure I can get out and see the area.  I have never been to Atlanta (except the airport and that doesn't count) and one of these weekends, I will go check it out.

Any way, here I am in Georgia trying to make the best of the situation.  I will learn what I can and hope I can stay busy until I get to be home with my family.

Any of you have to travel for work?

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