Monday, November 25, 2013

recess raglan and some dinos

I took last week off.  I was spending a lot of time reading military history and the current national security environment that I just never got my blog post written.  But, I am back this week to share something I made my son before I left for Georgia.

I bought the pattern for the recess raglan as part of the fall Pattern Anthology collection.  It was my first See Kate Sew pattern and it was just as great as all the other patterns I have bought from the Anthology gals.

It is just a simple raglan... so nothing fancy but I really love the way it fits my son.

He liked the bright fabric that I chose.  His favorite color right now is bright lime green so this was right up his alley.  It has become a favorite for going to school or casual outings.  Here he is wearing at it a museum in Anchorage that had a lot of bones from dinosaurs and Ice Age animals.  He had a lot of fun but it was a little chilly and would not take off his coat.  

I was a bit disappointed, because my pictures tend to be a bit lame and I thought I could get some great ones with dinosaur bones (casts) as my props.  Oh, well.

I made a second one out of a fabric with a lot of little fish.  I think it looks a bit like PJs but he chose the fabric and does not mind its lounge wear vibe.

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