Monday, July 15, 2013

Looking back while moving forward

Major Moma is moving in!

After months (yes, months) of not living with my stuff it arrived on Monday.  So boxes and boxes were unloaded into an empty house.  So far we have actually unpacked an amazing amount.  We have the kids' rooms finished and the living room 98% done.  Our room still needs some work and the office is still mainly a room of boxes.

unpacking in progress

As for my sewing room?  Well, it is pretty close to being done.  I had so much unpacked that I thought I would be able to sew this weekend.  However, I could not find my patterns that I wanted to use.  Darn.


I did not want leave the blog empty, and I have run out of pre-planned ready projects.  So, I decided to share a dress I made years ago.

This dress is one I made when I first starting sewing for me about nine years ago.  It is Butterick 4183 view B.  This dress is a wonderful beginner sewer project.  There is not a lot of fitting to do and the instructions are simple.

I used a flowered seersucker fabric for this dress.  I think it is perfect because it allows for a close fit with a little stretch from the puckers in the fabric.

I wore it this weekend to church with a denim jacket over the top (RTW, The Loft).


I put a band of grosgrain ribbon at the top.  This has really kept the  bodice top from stretching out over the years.  The straps are also using the ribbon and are merely decorative.   Actually they get in the way more than anything and are completely useless.


I have been thinking of making another one of these.  Maybe this time upscale it a bit and use boning and a more substantial fabric.

What do you think?  What fabric would be a good upgrade?

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