Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting back into the groove

 I (Major Moma) have set up my sewing area and was so excited to get back to sewing.  I am lucky in that I always have a dedicated space to my sewing.  Often it is shared with an office so it is not exclusively used by me.  And this time, I am sharing with a play area. 

On a rocking horse with a sword
This weekend I got everything set up enough that I could actually sew.  However, it was not as easy as I thought it would be.  All that fabric and pent up sewing ideas kind of stalled out as soon as I saw everything.  I could not figure out what to do. 

So, I finally went out and bought a pattern and took out some fabric I had planned for something totally different.  And slowly, I got to work.  But no finished product yet.
view from the sewing machine

When I was about to have my stuff packed early this spring, I had a long list of projects that I wanted to complete before it was all packed up.  And I completed all of them and then some.   I had gotten pretty efficient and good at completing things.  Now I am out of practice and much slower.

In addition, I have a new TV and access to American shows that I did not have in Germany.  People always asked me "how do you have the time to do all that?"  I always replied, "I don't watch TV."  And then I would get a look like, "what are you judging me, do you think all I do is watch TV?" 
Eli with a sword and shield

Now, I have started to watch a show that I have heard about from many ... Downtown Abby.  I am sure you all have seen it.  But this week I started to watch it.  And let me tell you, my free time has been greatly reduced.

Sunday afternoon though I spent a lot of time sewing and watching my kids be goofy playing some elaborate make-belive game.  That is where all these silly and poorly take pictures came from.

Isa with her safety goggles
So, no projects to show or tips to give, but lots of fun life going on here at the Major Moma household!

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