Monday, June 3, 2013

Visiting Project Run and Play

Today, we are guest posting at Project Run and Play!  This is Without Directions' first guest post and I (Major Moma) am quite excited. 

You see, PRP is a big reason why I started blogging.  My mother (M) sent me a couple of links to bloggers that were participating and I after weeks of watching each designer and sew-along lady come up with amazing projects, I just knew that I would have to play too.  So, when the next season started, I opened a flickr account and started sharing my sew-along projects. 

That was great, but there just is not the same feeling of community when you don't have a blog to tell the story behind the outfit.  And after much prodding by my mother and sisters, we decided to run a blog together.  And thus, Without Directions was born.

For our guest post, M and I talk about why we have sewn for our children.  And for your viewing pleasure there are lots of flash-back photos.  Lots of my older ones as toddlers, and even better, lots of Winocologist, McH, and Major Moma from our childhood.  Yes, there are some great 70's and early '80s fashions!
Sampling of the retro photos!  McH and Major Moma

So please, stop on over and check it out!

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  1. Not to mention a very young and handsome father holding his two girls. M


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