Monday, June 3, 2013

The Go-Anywhere, even castles, Dress

I (Major Moma) love to pattern test.  So, when I saw Andrea from Go-To Patterns calling out for testers of a new dress, I threw my name in the hat.  But alas, the slots filled up for size 10 and I was not selected.  A few days went by and then I received an email from Andrea that one of her testers was unable to complete her dress on time and could I fill in? 

Of course.  Well, now I had only a couple of days to make the dress (because of the last minute pinch hitting) and I was starting to pack up my sewing stuff for the big move.  (I have mentioned the move a couple of times but without real explanation.  I suppose I will blog about that soon, but not today.)

go to patterns' anywhere dress

So, I sifted through my fabric on hand and picked out some knit that would work.  And as for time, really not much is needed to whip up this dress.  Minus the printing and taping of the pattern, in total I spent 1 hour 45 minutes cutting and sewing up this dress! 

anywhere dress at Burg Thurant
Burg Thurant, Germany

A large part of the reason why it was so quick was it's simple and clean lines.  There is a lot of room for embellishment here, but if you just sew it up, the dress is just a wonderfully simple t-shirt dress.

Go To Patterns Anywhere dress

Another reason it sewed up so fast was Andrea's clear and precise instructions.  Now, I had the beta version and I found one typo.  BUT that is the point of passing a pattern out for testing.  The current version available for purchase is now perfect.  And still, only one typo... that is pretty darn good.

Go To Patterns Anywhere dress
a castle on the Mosel River

If you are someone who does not like to fiddle with a ribbed necking, or you like the look of a facing better, this is certainly the pattern for you.  I actually decided I like a ribbing, so I may add one instead of the faced neckline next time I sew it up.

Anywhere dress at Burg Eltz

And will there be a next time?  Definitely yes.

Because this was the last thing I sewed before everything got packed up and the weather in April was not above freezing much, this last weekend was the first time my daughter really got to wear it running around Germany.  She is very happy with the look and comfort of  the dress.  And she definitely feels like she can go just about anywhere in it.

Anywhere dress at Burg Eltz
Berg Eltz, Germany

Even to castles.

Do you like a ribbed neckline or a faced neckline better on knit tops?

Check out our Inspiration Point for June! It is a picture from inside the courtyard of Burg Eltz.  What could you create based on that image???

And, I am not an affiliate of any pattern store or designer.  I just like reviewing them.  But when I pattern test, I do get the pattern for free.  I am not against affiliates ... I think it is a great system.  I just have not chosen to join.

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  1. I'm just seeing this! Lovely photos and thanks for the review!

    1. Thank you, I think these are my best photos ever. And Abi loves this dress and wears it all the time.


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