Monday, May 27, 2013

Five Petaled Flower necklace - IP

Inspiration Point
May 2013 Inspiration Point

I (Major Moma) did  something different for this month's Inspiration Point.  I crocheted a necklace!  I have just started to learn how to crochet.  M taught me when she was visiting last fall.  I have been meaning to share some of my projects here on the blog.  But, I have just not gotten around to it.  Maybe I will post about them when I have nothing else to show, just to fill the space.

crochet Five Petaled Flower necklace

The pattern is 5-petaled flower necklace designed by Lia Govers.  I found it on Ravelry.  It is a sweet little pattern made with a heavy thread weight yarn.  It was pretty easy, even for a noob like me.  I had to learn a couple new skills to complete it, like the triple crochet.(yes, I am that new)

crochet Five Petaled Flower necklace

I used a graduated colored yarn that goes from pink to white to pink again.  At the end, I took my chain and slip stitched it to the chain to make a loop.  So, you can just thread the flower into the loop for the closure.  It seems to work fairly well.  I made it long enough to be wrapped around twice ... but only my daughter has worn it so far.  I am sure I will wear it later.

crochet Five Petaled Flower necklace

So, do you all crochet?  What do you like to make?

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  1. I like to crochet but mostly do just granny squares. Just finished a baby blanket and now am working on another one. Also crocheting headbands and knitting dish cloths. Your necklace is pretty. I am going to look up the pattern.


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