Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Fling Remix

Well, Project Run and Play ended a couple of weeks ago but they are starting up again next week for a special addition, "All Stars".  And in order to get us all ready, they had a special sew-along pattern remix competition.  Oh, I (Major Moma) could not resist.  Especially when I saw the pattern we were to remix.

Spring Fling by Jessica at Sew Me Crazy

Sooo cute!

But, there was a lot of chatter about the girliness of this and all other remixes.  What about the boys??
Challenge accepted.

But, I also loved this pattern for girls so I made a boy and girl look.

matching Easter outfits


Given the time constraints and the work that each of these looks entailed, I made no pants.  When these guys are worn on Easter morning, there will be matching bottoms.  But you will have to wait to see those.
 For the boy look, I went for a western feel.  First for the most obvious part of the remix -- the vest.   I drafted the vest using my wild ginger pattern drafting software.  After a major hiccup along the way, I came up with a sharp looking vest pattern with darts in the front and 3 darts in the back.  The front is lined and the back is left unlined but has finished seems. The key elements from the original pattern that I kept were
  • the cut-out/insert yoke
  • covered buttons
  • layers
I moved the insert to the front of the vest.  And then I used two colors of piping to replace the ruffle.  The fabric I used was a double sided shantung.  Which means that the fabric has two right sides; a shiny side and a dull side with texture.  So, I used the dull side for the bottom of the vest but the shiny side for the insert and a row of piping. 

I love covered buttons, so I kept that element and I covered them according to the side of fabric on which they sat.  shiny vis a vis textured.

Finally, I used a candlelight colored satin piping to add a layered element to the vest.  I did this through the double layer of of piping at the insert (brown and candlelight) and I added the piping at the hem of the vest.
  The original dress also had high contrast fabrics.  In order to keep a bit of that styling, I decided to make a light blue dress shirt to go under the vest.  This is no simple shirt with a collar. This is my first dress shirt with a collar band and let me tell you, it was not easy.  What made it more difficult is that I drafted this shirt also using my wild ginger software.  Normally, when I am going to do something new, I first use a commercial pattern so I can see how it is supposed to be done.
But, here I had to figure it out myself.  It is not perfect, but I am still thrilled with the results.  Beyond the collar band, the shirt has a shoulder yoke and pleats in the back.  And on the front, I have a little pocket.  The sleeves have a simple placket and button cuffs.

Because  a five year old will not be wearing a fancy vest that often, I added this very bad ass embroidery on the back.  It is from Urban Threads and cost me $5.  This was the most expensive part of both outfits.  The brown fabric was left over from a dress I am working on for a friend, the blue was a friend's uniform shirt, and the trims I got from a clearance basket.  So, until I bought this embroidery, both outfits would have cost under $5, so it doubled my expense.  But it was WORTH it!  Look how cool and western it makes this shirt.

So, pictures of clothes on hangers are boring.

But sometimes that is all I get done because by the time I get home from work, dinner is on the table. Then it is time to pick up the house and get those kiddos to bed. There simply is no time for a photo shoot during the week. But, I needed to get these photos up and posted before 8 March in order to participate in PRP's remix competition. My solution, before our Wednesday night Bible study, I would quickly put the outfits on, take a couple of shots and be done.

Eli was a great sport.

Isa, not so much.  I got her dress on and then she grabbed her tights and boots and took of running!
She is all a blurr.... catch me if you can
she is all a blurr ... catch me if you can
And these were the photos I was getting of her ... a blur of bare legs!  So I switched the setting of my little point-and-shoot camera to "Children" and manage to get a couple of shots that were not so blurry.  But they really don't do the dress justice.

   I kept much of the bodice the same as the original dress.  (The original pattern is actually quite cute and her instructions are pretty good.  I think the construction of the arms could be more clear though.)  The bodice changes I made were limited to the insert.  I exchanged the ruffle for some cotton lace and add a double layer of piping.  I also added a placket for the buttons to have traditional button holes instead of loops.  I also added piping to the arm holes and flutter sleeve.
The big difference is that I changed out the skirt.  Instead of a layered ruffle skirt, I made a mini circle skirt.  I think this will be really cute with a pair of fancy bloomers.  But, like I said, there are no bottoms completed.

Won't those leapard print boots be cute with this!
I really like how simple and elegant it looks in the front.  And the lace and covered buttons sure are pretty in the back too.


  1. great job! i really like the back of the dress.

  2. I like the circle littlest girl is ALL about twirly dresses, so I've really got to make her some more of those!!! Fun outfits!

    1. I always have loved a good twirly skirt too. ~Major Moma

  3. I am in love with the girl remix! It's beautiful!

  4. I love how you used both sides of the fabric to create some contrast on the vest. The lace and piping on the dress are very beautiful!!

  5. I love how they both turned out, they are so cute! The fabric and the lace is beautiful. I am also impressed with the shirt you made, it looks really good!

    1. Thank you. I struggled a bit on the shirt, but it was totally worth it. ~Major Moma

  6. Great job! Love the top and vest. Can't wait to see them with the matching pants!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I love both outfits, but especially that shirt! Really though, they are both great and I love all of the details!

  9. The pictures of your girl crack me up. They're pretty much the same blurry ones I get of mind these days :)
    The boots will look great with it too.

  10. I love this (both) you did such an amazing job!

  11. Love your version. Changing it into a boy's outfit is particularly creative. I am making the dress for my granddaughter aka TINKERBELL, but didn't finish in time for the remix. She is excited to wear it, and her little brother wanted something too. Maybe I can copy your idea and make a vest for him!

    1. Thank you. All I did for the vest was use the same cut out piece for the dress and added seam allowances. So, take your self-drafted/bought vest pattern and place the cutout on it and trace. Does that make sence? Then you can embelish with piping or whatever to highlight the cutout. ~Major Moma

  12. So cute! Thanks for sharing your shirt remix with me, you rocked it! (the embroidery is so fun!)


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