Monday, March 4, 2013

designer boy

As you may have read, my boy has definite opinions on the clothes I (Major Moma) make him.  It is funny because some people who know me have expressed their doubt that a boy will much longer tolerate his mother making his clothes.  But instead of wanting me to make less, he just is getting more particular about what I make.

It is funny because there is a blog series called K.I.D.S.  Which encourages moms to get their kids involved in the design process.  (fun series by the way)  But, I don't seem to have a choice.  Eli always is a part of the design process, or he will not wear it.

And instead of fighting it, which admittedly I did at first, I have started to embrace it.  Here is a recent joint project of ours.

I had bought the fabric with him and I in mind (you will see something sewn for me later).  And then I discussed with him the style of top.  I had something entirely different planned, but he decided on a t-shirt style with a rectangle collar.

Then he announced he wanted a zipper.  So we talked about zipper styles and he went through my stash of zippers.  (I collect them when they are on sale and my mom does the same for me.)  He picked out a red separating zipper so he could unzip it like a coat.

Then he asked me to turn on my embroidery machine so he could pick out a design.  He picked out the design, colors, and placement.

And finally, when it came time to take pictures, he choose the poses and also took a few himself. 

I really love how he is so involved.  Yes, I did not get to make what I wanted.  But this top is actually really cute and I think he did a great job designing it.  And what a wonderful way to develop his creativity, personal independence, and style.  The longer I am a parent, the more I realize that my job is to help enhance what is good about each one of our kids and help minimize what is problematic.  Our children are little people that need to be nourished and given opportunities to be challenged.

And who knows, maybe he will some day be the next Michael Kors.

PS.  There is another great series going on right now called Celebrate the BOY if you need great ideas to make boy's clothes and other fun stuff.


  1. I love how it turned out! The fabric is great. I agree too with them getting more specific. I can still talk my girls into usually seeing my oldest son though, the last time I asked him if he liked a pattern I wanted to make for him, he told me it was much too "geeky". Ah well. At least my baby boy is still young enough that I can brain-wash his style into him..... ;D

    1. Thank you. It is one of my favorites now. And yes, I am glad I have at least one that is too young to express her opinions! ~Major Moma

  2. Your son is quite a designer! Love the shirt!

  3. I completely agree with you about the benefits of this process. I also have young boys and they enjoy getting involved in the sewing too. Mostly they just chat with me about what I'll make for them, but sometimes they get really involved and design their own t-shirts or make toys from their drawings. I let them use the machine and overlocker too (under supervision!). I see this paying off when I look at what they create on their own at school or elsewhere. They are full of original ideas compared to other children. Yay for the boys!

  4. He looks so happy to wear it too! That's the best part :)
    Great job.

  5. Too cute! Love the "rock" symbol!

    Jenna @

    1. Thank you. The "rock" is from ~Major Moma

  6. That Kid has kick ass taste.


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