Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little Writing To Smell.

Major Mama mentioned that I, McH,  am a big slacker and haven’t blogged in awhile. This is true and I have a lot of excuses right on the tip of my tongue/fingertips but I won’t use them. LIfe is life and it is crazy.

By special request I went back to my favorite writing prompt book, 642 Things To Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, and have chosen a prompt.

The rules are the same 500 words or less. Edit after it’s written. Today’s prompt:

The smell of a place you love.

I love the smell of flour and sugar. More specifically the back of a bakery. My dad is a baker and when we were kids he had a bakery. It was my favorite place in the world. I would sit in the back storage room after school on the huge 50lb bags of flour and sugar and do my homework, daydream about being president, and just be safe and warm. I would listen to my dad hum a tune as he worked on his bench and sneak out and put belly buttons in the large mounds of dough when he wasn’t looking.

When we were older we would go and visit dad in his bakeries and sit in the back eating a cookie. I loved watching him and his fellow bakers make everything from donuts to french bread. And every time I hug my dad he smells of flour, bakery and him. Too me that is the smell of love.


  1. I love the smell of the beach. The smell of the salt water that nothing else can compare to, not a pool, not a lake, not a stream. When I was younger I moved from the CT shoreline to upstate NY and I absolutely hated the fact that there was no ocean, no shoreline, only lakes, streams, ponds and various other bodies of water. Nothing compares to the smell of the ocean, to me it smells like relaxation, carefree spirits and it is the best place in the entire world and the smell of MY favorite place.

    1. I love the smell of the beach too! We grew up within walking distance of a rocky beach and you are right, there is nothing like it. But, sometimes the storms would bring a lot of seaweed and debris and there is nothing like that smell either! :/ ~Major Moma

  2. I am so glad I am able to still be the big sister and bully you! :D I also love the smell of a bakery because it does bring me back to being a kid and giving our dad a big hug. ~Major Moma


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