Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PRP - Holiday Where?

This week's PRP challenge is to design FALL Holiday wear.  Now this is a bit tricky for me ...

I do not live in the USA.  So, though I am an American, celebrating holidays that are purely American is not the same.  And though I love doing a good costume, Halloween is not very big over here, and I already completed the kids' costumes.

I gave the potential holiday themes a bunch of thought.

... I could go German and celebrate Unification day (3 October).  But German flag/patriotic outfits are a bit weird on American kids.

... I could go minor and celebrate Columbus Day.  This would be fun as I have three kids ... My own Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

But, I finally settled on a Halloween outfit that would not scream Halloween and focused on my favorite October candy.  The candy corn.  I designed a full outfit for my boy but also made a coordinating shirt and vest for my eldest.

I made a yellow fleece vest with white ripstop fabric on the shoulders. The collar is extra large to be popped up on cold days to protect his skinny neck from the weather.  The shirt is a up-cylced men's t-shirt that I cut to bits and made a t-for him.  I used iron that is glow-in-the-dark vinyl for the spider web and machine embroidered the spider in orange.  The orange pants are a heavy weight corduroy and they are a slack style (darts, tab front, and zipper fly).  They have a slight taper to the leg and have optional cuffs.  The front pockets are bag style and the back are welt; both are lined with black. 
 Do you see the Candy Corn influence?

Abi's is similar but she did not get new pants.

Her shirt has a large purple spider coming down from the top going to the web down in the lower corner.

These outfits are perfect for fall outings.  The fleece vests provided just enough warmth for the cool Autumn breeze but also allowed them to play without over heating.

I loved seeing them all coordinating too.  That is something I do a lot when I do my "holiday" sewing.  But that is usually for Christmas and Easter so it was fun to change it up a bit and make coordinating casual outfits.

And because the outfits are more Fall Festival, than Halloween, they were perfect for going out and about celebrating at local German fests.  Thus, I have named these FEST Outfits... in honor the the German fests.  If you did not know, virtually all German towns have a fest celebrating something in the fall.  It makes for one long holiday season! 

For more pictures, check out my flickr page.


  1. Really nice work! Did you use an electronic cutter to make those spiderwebs?

  2. Thanks Justine. I did use an electronic cutter. My friend has a Silouette and she let me borrow it. I used it for my iron on tie t-shirt and when I was buying the vinyl for that project, I saw the glow-in-the-dark vinyl and had to buy that too! So, then I went a bit crazy and cut a bunch of things out that are waiting for the right project.

  3. Yes, huge, giant glasses!!!!!


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