Monday, October 15, 2012

Who's style is it anyway?

It is the last week in this season's Project Run and Play and as always, it is the free-for-all of Signature Look Week.  Eli need a few more clothes, so I continued to sew for my boy.  I now have made two "signature look" outfits so I am pretty sure I know what my look is, and is not.  But it is a good exercise to evaluate "what is my style" and "what makes my clothes special".  Then again, I am not wearing these clothes.

These clothes will be worn by my boy who has a style of his own.  His clothing requirements are:
  • comfort
  • playability
  •  color
  • silliness
So, for this look, I decided to really focus on the things Eli likes using some of my favorite go-to patterns.  And then to put my own spin on things, I challenged myself to change up each of the patterns in a new way (new for me).
I started with a basic T-shirt.  I used my standard pattern and added a turtleneck and a robot machine embroidery.  What I came to find out, is that this standard pattern is now too small.  The boy has grown.  So this shirt will quickly become a hand-me-down and I need to draft a larger t-shirt pattern.

pant front

pant back
Next I made some great, basic jeans.  I used the Melly Sews, Blank Slate pattern but placed patch pockets on the back instead of welts and used a contrasting bias tape on the inside of the hem so that they can be cuffed.  (I did not make the same mistake as the shirt and not allow room for growth.)  I also added belt loops and made a double loop in the back center. I top stitched the heck out of these pants with a double needle and contrasting grey thread.  The fly is a zipper fly and snap closure.
Eli helped with the photo shoot and took this detail shot while wearing the sweatshirt.
As you can see, the pocket is lined with the same fabric as the turtleneck.
Next, I made a sweatshirt.  This is an Ottobre 2007 Fall pattern and I use the patterns from this magazine again and again.  To change this one up, I exchanged the kangaroo pocket for welt pockets, used an exposed zipper, and made the zipper not go all the way up the hood.  I have just loved using the iron on vinyl the last couple weeks so I added this adorable robot in flocked grey.

strike a pose!
nice and warm
"see my pockets?  they have ROBOTS"
Like I said, the turtleneck was a bit too small, so I made a snap-placket closure on the neckline.  And Eli liked it better open, so that is how he wore it. 

The baby, Isa wanted to be in the photo shoot too and of course, I let her.  That last picture has her doing her best "camera smile".  I actually have a blog waiting to be finished about the shirt she is wearing, so I guess this is a 'sneek peek'.


  1. Love the robots on the pants and sweatshirt. You are so talented~~love seeing your creations.


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