Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guilt Free Zone and IP Round Up

Recently we were chatting about guilt.

Well, actually my mother was lamenting (in a joking way) that she does not have the same power of guilt over her children that her mother has over her.  What brought it up was that she was talking to Wino and trying to get her to take the time to answer the questions on our post, the question game.

Wino was just too busy/tired/uninterested and didn't.

But as we were joking around about that in IM form, we all laughed about how we believe guilt is a useless emotion.  As McH put it, "Guilt is not a feeling. you either are or are not guilty. your kids can get therapy when they are 30 like everyone else."  She clearly has identified guilt as a state of being that has a direct nexus to an action or omission. 

I like this.

Because, if you did something wrong.  You are guilty.  Face up to that.  Don't tell me it is not fair.  Own it. Then, make restitution.

But to run around feeling bad, that is useless.  unproductive.  whiny.  And frankly, it is very self-centered because you are not caring about the actual harm you caused someone, but the bad way you feel.

OK.  Back to my point.  Wino has been busy with life and has not posted.  Good for her for having a life.  And McH worked on a project for IP but got sick and didn't finish it.  That is too bad, but not the end of the world.

But the good thing is, this is a guilt free zone.  We are blogging for fun.  So if we meet deadlines and make awesome posts ... YEA! 

If we don't, well it is nice to know that we have relationships with people, jobs providing income, dogs who need to be walked and children to yell at ... I mean encourage.

So, McH might still post and blog her IP project.  (I sure hope so because she dusted off the sewing machine and that is pretty cool.)

And as a way of a "round-up", we had two contributions to the IP in September.

My book cover:

And mom's quilt:

Isn't her quilt amazing?  I love it.  The bright colors are so much fun.  But what is better is that it has so much history for our family and reminds me of people I love.

So if you want to join our guilt-free creating, check out our October Inspiration!  Remember, that any creative endeavor is not only welcome, but encouraged.  I am personally hoping for some poetry this time!
For the rules go to the Inspiration Point Tab up top.

October's Inspiration.

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  1. Great post and I believe guilt either is or isn't. Deal with it and move on.

    I agree your mom's quilt is beautiful and made with love and lots of memories and I know will be appreciated by the Alesse's.

    Love you guys...I need to get back to working on some craft projects...I think I have nine on the list :)


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