Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Best Yellow House that is a Chocolate Factory

The C Shop,  

Have you been there?  Well if you ever are in Northwest Washington in the Summertime,  this is the place for you to go.

Pat and Pat Alesse have been operating the CShop at Birch Bay since 1971.  The CShop is a wonderful candy shop, bakery, cafe and a great place for a summertime treats of ice cream and sno cones.
But however as good as the homemade candy is, the most delightful part of the CShop is the owners....
Pat and Pat are delightfully gracious hosts and very good friends.  Everyone in my family has worked there,  me,  my husband,  and all of our kids. If a kid has his first job at the CShop, they learn to work hard and have fun at the same time.  

So what does that have to do with this quilt?  Well  Patricia  gave me a bunch of old aprons that her mom had made years ago for the Candy Shop employees to wear.  No one was using them so she thought well maybe I could use them....   then it hit me...  these were the color of the Shop.  I thought  a log cabin design would mimic the cedar lap siding.... and the other logs would be fabric picturing all the goodies that are available there.... candy, cookies,  ice cream...chocolate!

Well, Patricia had a birthday, and I had an inspiration,  and now she has a quilt. It has memories of her mom and lots of memories of many summers.

Well  the CShop remains the same and yet is changing.  The Pats are still involved in the day to day operations,   but are their son Keith Alesse and his partner Saara Kuure are partnering with the Pats in running this Birch Bay icon.  
As my granddaughter once said,  "are we going to the big yellow house that pretends to be a chocolate factory?"  No Sarah,  we are going to the CShop, the big yellow house that IS a chocolate factory.

***Note:  M submitted this quilt as her Inspiration Point project so you can check out more pictures on our Flickr page.  Also, it is a new month, so you can join in on the fun and create something based on our new inspiration.  Check it out HERE or click the Inspiration Point tab up top. ****


  1. Love it!!! And miss you guys and the Alesse's!! The quilt is super cute!!!


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