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question game

There are several blogs that I (Major Moma) like to randomly visit but there are a few that draw me back again and again ... even when I am not an official "follower".  Luvinthemommyhood is one of those that keep calling me back.  Other than the fact she makes pretty things, I think the main reason is she is from the same geographical region I grew up in.  And when she posts pictures of her family out and about, I feel at home again.
So, all that being said, Shannon of luvinthemommyhood has something fun going on right now that I thought we should participate in.  She listed a bunch of sentences telling about herself, and then fellow bloggers are to take those sentences and change the bolded words.  Finally, we go back to her sight and in the comments place a link to our blog so all of us can get to know each other.  You know, pretend we all are friends ... I love it!
I convinced my co-bloggers to participate.  And now even the Winocologist has joined in!  Since we are a joint blog, I thought it would be fun if we added our own twist.  I changed the bold to a blank and then below the statement, we each answered the questions with a color code. 

Major Moma
* i'm longing to make ___________ right now.
  • a dress from my Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing book
  • A short story based on a wrong number call, person from 1950 calling to present time. 
  • a new quilt project just for me
  • Breakfast (I'm hungry)
 * i want to try ___________with some __________________ .
  • underlining ... organza
  • Making a rug ... old sheets and tees
  • making scarf ...great soft wool yarn
  • Ethiopian food... McH
 * i wish i could sew with ____________  fabric.
  • liberty of London
  • some homespun
  • all the time  
  • lace.... I keep on snagging it.
 * i dream of making _______________.
  • my whole wardrobe (or at least the cool pieces)
  • a book good enough for a movie
  • more quilts
  • A difference
* i keep track of my ideas by ________________.
  • writing them in notebooks and church bulletins that have found their way into my purse and are recycled as scrap paper
  • yep, writing them in my notebook
  • Keep track of ideas?
  • I tell my boyfriend... he's good at remembering things
 * i'm inspired by _________________.
  • my kids and landscapes
  • the odd things people say
  • color
  • Creative and interesting people
* i would love to meet _________________ in person.
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, to bad they are fictional"    
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Nelson Mandela
 * my favorite fiber is _________.
  • silk
  •  Flannel
  • Silk
  • citrusel
* i like to sew with ______________.
  • cotton
  • yep Cotton here too
  • yep me too but really good cotton
  • a nice glass of white wine.
* my favorite color is _______________.
  • grey... right now, but the really pretty luxurious grey; not boring grey
  • Purple
  • Blue Blue Blue
  • Turquoise
* i rock at _______________.
  • push ups
  • so many things...but crafty wise I am a good color planner
  • I am a serging queen ... 
  • making my own patterns 
 * i would like to learn how to make _______________.
  • couture clothing
  • a screen play; a GOOD screen play
  • knit a sweater
  • lingerie
 * i like to listen to ___________" while i ___________.
  • NPR ... sew
  • music; jazz and rap actually ... write
  • I like the blues ... sew
  • Books on tape... clean, sew or sit in the back bedroom pretending like I'm cleaning or sewing.
 * i bring my ____________everywhere.
  • Kindle
  • Notebook
  • my iPhone  
  • ID
* my favorite thing to ___________ is ______________.
  • sew ... kids clothes
  • write ... short stories
  • sew... quilts....quilts
  • Drink... German Riesling
 * my favorite thing to __________ is/are ______.
  • wear... boots
  • drink ... coffee
  • dance ... the waltz
  • watch... Murder She Wrote
 * my crafting space is ____________.
  • pretty organized, but not fancy (visualize lots of plastic bins and drawers)
  • a total disaster and half stored due to lack of room
  • beyond a total disaster.  
  • Clean until I start a project... Then all heck breaks loose.
 * if i had my own crafting room it would be _________________. (This is not completely fair for two of us because one has an exclusive craft room and one has a craft room that is shared only with a computer and some toys.)
  • full of real cabinetry and a tall table for cutting
  • Extremely bright and playful, with space to stick stuff everywhere (idea boards, walls of flannel, cork boards
  • Very large and lots of cupboards..
  • I would have a really big sewing table and one of those adjustable mannequin things.
 * i sew with ____________.
  • a pfaff and brother
  • Pfaff too 
  • Janome embroidery, Janome Horizon, Janome coverstitch, Janome serger...uhh Janome.
  • Mom's old Viking

* i like to ______ ________.
  • have a snack at an outdoor European cafe and watch my kids run around the ubiquitous town fountain.  Oh, and kiss my husband too... good one Mom.
  • write about quirky people
  • Kiss my husband
  • watch football (something I am doing right now :)

 * i can never get enough _____________.
  • notions and jewelry ... but isn't that what notions are, jewelry for sewing projects?
  • books, seriously we have a couple thousand
  • Candy
  • Sunshine .... really.... I live in Seattle
 * i adore _____________.
  • traveling
  • walking around window shopping
  • hassling my daughters
  • Traveling
 * i also enjoy _________.
  • hiking
  • sewing and painting my house
  • travel
  • My wonderful Dog!
 * i like to fill my shelves with ________________.
  • fabric, yarn, trims, notions and books
  • me too. but more like books, books, fabric, and yarn.. 
  • these nuts didn't fall too far from the tree,  fabric, yarn, and books....
  • Art
 * i create the best when i'm __________.
  • at home in my pj's awake before the kiddos
  • add in without a bra and children at school and we have a winner
  • When in pjs, without a bra and when I have a limited budget or color palette.
  • All of that is the same for me.. minus the kiddos

 * i am currently excited for __________________.
  • I can't think of anything; so sad ... I have to work on that.
  • National Novel Writers month! Go November!
  • Christmas.  I am always excited for Christmas.
  • My trip to Spain!!!
 * right now i am ________________.
  • working on my PRP outfits and just plain working a lot at my day job.
  • plotting out a novel. I know shocking.
  • strangely enough trying to clean and organize my sewing room
  • watching football, drinking coffee and writing in my family blog.

* i love to watch ______________while creating.
  • nothing
  • Pomplamoose vids on youtube.
  • QVC
  • Thomas Crown Affair.... I've seen it so many times its no longer distracting
 * my guilty pleasure when it comes to creating is __________.
  • Guilt?  What a useless emotion.  No guilt in crafting, it is against the rules.
  • I have no idea..i pretty much love crafty, awesome stuff.
  • I don't believe in feeling guilty about creating, however I have been know to spend some money on sewing machines
  • Costumes... I love making goofy costumes.  Thunder Cats, Flappers, Unicorns, Hula bobble heads... I like to laugh when I'm creating something fun.
 * my current favorite music crush to listen to while creating is __________.
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Pomplamoose
  • swing music
  • Nina Simone

OK, this was tons of fun!   Please leave a comment with your favorite phrase or two, or three with your data inserted into the blanks.

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  1. Yay! Wow! This was so fun reading all of your answers! Thanks so much for all of you joining in and for all your kind words about the blog. So sweet of you! Have a wonderful weekend!


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