Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tuscany Jumper

Well, here it is.  This is what I made for our August session of Inspiration Point.

It is not very fancy.  And since it was my turn to pick the picture, you would have thought that I had a project already in mind. 
But I didn't. 
I just really liked the picture.  As I thought about the picture, two things kept coming to mind. 
  1. The colors ... oranges, browns, and blue,
  2. The straight lines.
After a lot of thought and tossing of fabric on the table, I designed a jumper with a square neckline and box pleats to make straight lines that also created dimension.  And the fabric I picked had all those colors that Tuscany is famous for. 
If you look closely, you can see the bias trim.  I made this trim out of some brown fabric that looked to me (from a distance) like little bricks.  I thought that would be a fitting way to finish all the edges.  And I used it to make a small bow in one corner of the neckline.
box pleats
I think it will be a pretty addition to Abi's Back-to-School clothes this fall.

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