Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School

Well it’s about that time of year.  The give you hives, balance your check book twice, measure feet and sort the pants drawer time of year.  It’s back to school.

Technically we have a little under a month until the kids are back at school.  Some of my friends in the South and Midwest have already started. But when Super hubby and I were laying out the August calendar it felt completely booked already.   Not to mention I have a 30% coupon for a teen pants store that expires tomorrow.  So I am going back to school shopping today.

I really am doing the hard bit today.  The boys.  They can’t stand shopping.  My boys would rather go to school in holey jeans and shoes than trek the wilds of Old Navy.  I understand because I can’t stand shopping with them either.

My daughter will be a fun adventure full of laughing and spending too much money on accessories.

 My sons are simple; all they need are jeans, tees, some long sleeve tees, a hoody or two, one pair of slacks and a dress shirt. Done.  It shouldn’t be big deal.  The key is to use reverse psychology.  I just need to tell them I love the pink stripes so they pick up the green solid.

 I have had to succumb to threats for cooperation this year.  The biggest struggle is the “belt” issue.

“Mom I don’t need a belt, its fine,” says my oldest. 

“Okay, but I will sing ‘I see London I see France I see Ben’s underpants,’ every time I drop you off and pick you up.  In front of your friends.  Girls. ”

He has agreed to the belts.

So wish me luck as I put on my sturdy shoes, and whine proof super mom cape.  It’s Back to School!

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