Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleeping Outside

A few weeks ago Boyfriend and I went camping at Lincoln state park, just outside of Wenatchee, WA.  By camping, of course, I mean renting a cabin and cooking outside.

  It was a quick one-day trip to get out of town and find some sunshine.    That we did.  Just a two-hour drive outside of Seattle we found blue skies and weather that was in the 80’s.   Michael enjoyed the sunshine, gazed at the majestic rock cropping around us and watched a family of marmots witling around the campgrounds.  I slept.

 My  new job is pretty full and labor intensive; and that for eight hours a day I am going non-stop.  I did not know how tired it would make me.

On Monday morning I woke up, packed, and headed out to the campsite.  This gave me time for my first one-hour nap in the car.  We arrived at the campground and I immediately changed into shorts and took a nap on the picnic table.  By the time I woke, Boyfriend was ready to explore.  We walked across the state park and down to the beach on a frigid man made lake.  I also napped there, and on the boardwalk and on the cabin futon.  Needless to say, with such a full day, I headed to bed early that night.

Loire Castle, France
I have to say, it was a great getaway… though I slept through most of it.  Sometimes I need to let go of needing to do things.  There was no hiking on this trip.  There was no visiting the town or going out to eat.  When I was not sleeping, we sat around the fire and did nothing.  It was fabulous! 

When spoiling oneself with nothing to do, one should also spoil oneself with something lovely to drink.  On a beautiful sunny day in eastern Washington, I suggest a crisp refreshing white.  On a beautifully lethargic day I suggest spoiling yourself with Lucien Crochet’s “la Croix du Roy” Sancerre.  This is a Sauvignon Blanc from the Sancerre region of the Loire Valley, FR.  Nothing beats the bright minerallity found in Sancerre.  And, with Lucien Crochet’s commitment to high quality Loire wines; it’s hard to beat this choice.

Hot weather advisory:  Gulp water - savor your wine.  Use an ice bucket to keep your whites cold and only pour 1/3 glass at a time.  This will help you pace your drinking and keep your wine at the proper temperature.

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