Monday, July 30, 2012

Quest for the perfect pants

I sewed Abi a pair of pants this weekend.  These are the first pair in the quest for the perfect pair.

I drafted a jean-style pant with 4 pockets, zipper fly, and tapered leg.  I used some navy cordory that has a bit of a stretch.  I chose that fabric because I got a great deal on it earlier and I figured if they did not turn out, not a lot of money has been invested.  I used some scraps of charmuse to line the pockets and for the waistband.  (Abi is a bit like the princess in the story, The Princess and the Pea and has quite sensitive skin.  She did not want the heavy cordory rubbing her skin.)

They turned out OK.  But not great.

You can see the bagginess up front.

I think this view looks pretty good though.
The legs and the rear-end fit great.  But there is some gapping at the back of the waist and bunching in the front of the crotch.   Abi especially did not like the bagginess up front.

 I still think they are wearable and pretty cute.  They fit her way better than ready-to-wear (RTW) would.  But she is disapointed.  Her expectation is perfection.

So I adjusted the pattern and got to work on a new pair of pants.

To be continued...

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  1. You are so talented!!! Love to see your creations.


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