Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Ain't Going to Study War No More

Love Vacations,  especially when I get to spend time in a lovely country with lovely grandchildren.  However sometimes the tourist trail takes you to places that cause you to think about your world, the past, the future, and how you  think about things.

We were in France,  and made a stop at Verdun.
Verdun was a battlefield in World War I where hundreds of thousands of men were killed. The War to end all Wars.
Some estimates are that the French lost 360,000 and the Germans lost 340,000.  Some sources say more.  All sources say we will never know for sure.  All sources say how horrible the carnage and suffering was.

 What was gained?  Another war 20 years later.

An old negro spiritual has been ringing in my head as I think about these things:
I ain't going to study war no more
I ain't going to study war no more
I going to lay down my burdens
and study war no more.

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