Friday, July 27, 2012

Nerdy Obsessions

I have a confession to make:

 I have severelyneglected my duties as a daughter and a sister. I have neglected my blogging duty.  And, I have to admit I really only have one excuse.

The truth is I am an addict. (No, not what you are thinking)  I am hopelessly addicted to … Battle star Galactica.

Yes.  Battle StarGalactica.  The sci-fi hit from ten years ago.  Not only can I not tear myself away from this Space adventure… I’m not even on time with the craze.  I was flipping through Netflix one night after work and decided to give it a whirl. Now I am hooked.  So badly, in fact, I would rather watch one more episode than take the time to write a blog for my family (or really do anything). Matter of fact, right now… Starbuck just shot down a Cylon raider and saved the day… once again. 

If you watched it you would understand.  The scriptwriting is really good.  And the plot; though at first seems a bit used, is developed into a maze of intertwining sub-plot.  It’s the funnel cake of Sci-fi shows.

 You must start at the first episode and watch it non-stop for three straight weeks to really grasp the complexity on characters.  Like I did.

Now, I know what all of you are thinking.  I’m the youngest daughter - wild and free.  I’m the one who runs with the “in”crowd - Auntie Mame - The metropolitan woman who understands the trends and fashions of the current day.

Well, the fact I just referenced a 50 do-whopp song and a Broadway musical proves that is not true.  Behind this facade of hipster glasses and push-up bras is a 100% nerdy girl.  I love sci-fi and fantasy stories.  I watch documentaries on space, I tell cheesyjokes only my dad will laugh at, and on occasion, will go see a cartoon movie in the theater even though I don’t have any children to go with.

I am a nerd.  And I’m ok with that. 

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to see “Brave” with me then gohome and do arts and crafts… I’m in!

What to drink with my newest nerdy obsession?  Something that dose my true nerdy obsessionproud.  An orange wine from the Lazioregion in Italy.  Coenobium Rusticum is a blend of the classic Italian white grapes:55%Trebbiano, 15% Verdicchio, 20% Malvasia and 10% Grechetto. This geek loving wine gets it orangecolor from extended skin contact of white grapes.  This exotic fruit and honey-scented white isa product of Cistercian nuns, using centries old traditions to fund theirconvent.

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