Monday, July 30, 2012

A night in the life of a church planter.

“Come on kids, time to go!”

“Mom are we taking two cars?”

“Hun have you seen my phones? Bible? Sermon?”

“In your truck.  On the side table.  In your Bible.”

*breathe deep* as we pull out of the driveway.  *Breathe deep* as we pull into the parking lot.

“Ben, you have trash cans and the a-frame signs.”

“Yes Dad.”
*breathe in the heat.  It must be 10 degrees hotter in the fellowship hall than in outside.  Maybe 15.

“Making coffee. Sarah and Sam?”
“Yep, mom we got table cloths and tables to fold up.”

“Evening Libby, Jay, Joe, Lindsey”

“Check. 1, 2, 3.  Check Check.  1, 2.  Evening Rachel!”

*burble burble of the coffee maker.* Whistle as the kettle is done* 

I bob around the kitchen the sound of warm-up worship.  The laughter of the kids. The greeting of our team. 

“Evening Rachel.  Did you pick up the blue bag from the bank?”

“Evening Andi.  I totally forgot!”

That’s okay I have a deposit slip. Could you come over and check on the new dates of our weekly events sheet I printed out?”


“Ohh muffins!  Evening Laurie. Suzanne. Howard.”

Hugs and waves and laughter.  Dan went kayaking again.  Forgot sunscreen again. 

Chairs being straightened.  Background music being played.  Screens moved. 

Air conditioning turned on.  Fans moved.  Fans added.

 It has to be 80 in here. Brow wiped.

James comes in from his prayer time as I grab a mug and head out to greet.

Peek back into the room.  Worship ready. Check. Lectio. Check.  Set-up done. Check.

 Coffee and snacks. Check. Kids sitting and ready. Check.

“Welcome to the Vineyard, my name is Rachel.  I’m so glad you’re here tonight.”

*You hear the strains of the worship team.  James up front.

“Evening everyone.  Today we have…”


Everyday People.  Everyday Faith.

2 ½ years ago my husband and I planted a church.  We have learned availability, obedience, prayer, work, and contentment in doing what God has asked of us.  I wanted to give you a little snippet into the hour before church every week.  It is my favorite time.  It may not seem that spiritual, what you can’t see are the hours of prayer, prep, sermon writing, fellowship, conversations, shopping trips, meetings, and all the other things that keep the wheels turning. 

The term “everyday people, everyday faith” is our church’s motto.  We believe that ordinary people living ordinary lives can have extraordinary faith.  An everyday faith that winds its way through every aspect of your life, even the mundane, coffee making, chair setting up, paperwork times.

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  1. Rachel thanks for a glimpse into your time before the service starts. Your mom let me know that the sermons are online...I am going to check them out. Hope you have a great week.


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