Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspiration Point Kick-off!

When we started this blog, we had two goals.
1) connect with each other (the co-blog writers scattered around the world)
2) connect with others … That would be you.

But, we were so new to blogging that we decided it would be best if we just got the hang of it before we start any regular interactive activities.  As you probably can see by looking at our posts, we are creative gals.  And, as much as we love showing our latest creative endeavor, we would like to see yours!  And to do so we will be hosting a show-n-tell called Inspiration Point. 

Each month one of us will post a picture of  . . . something.  Then, your challenge will be to create something inspired by that picture.  We have a group flickr account to which you may upload your image(s) (no more than 2 per project) so that we all can oooh and ahhh over your talent.  If your creative outlet is visual, then of course you upload a picture of your creation.  If you are a writer or musician … this is more difficult.  So, for you I would suggest that you create an image (like of a portion of words) and a link to your blog.  Then at your blog, you can post your short story, poem, or music file (you get the idea).  That way all can participate in their own way.

At the end of the month, we will highlight our favorites and might share what we were inspired to create.

We do have RULES though:

1.      It must be something you made/created
2.      Inspired by our image
3.      And be rated no more than PG13.  (We are a family blog after all.)
4.      Please, no advertising or spam (they will be removed).

Lastly, we would be thrilled if you would add our button to your page or post, or wherever you store your link party-type things.  You don't have to use the button to participate, but since this is a community show-n-tell, it makes it more fun!
So here it is..... {drum roll please} 

Our first Inspiration!

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Hooke


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