Saturday, June 16, 2012

High Heeled

I put on some pumps today.  Not reasonable working pumps I can still carry a case of wine with.  Not unisex clogs that are great for a 10-hour day on your feet.  No, these are real 3.5 inch, pointy toe slut heels.   It has been too long my friends.  The reason I broke out the naughty librarians is for a very special occasion.  An occasion I have learned to appreciate more than anything these last two weeks.  What is this special event you ask???  I have a day off. 

Yes, a whole day with no one to call and nothing to do.  I have no obligations that are sitting in the back of my mind ruining my time watching the Chew and taking Rex out for the day.  It also means I can wear ridiculous things that have no practical purpose accept for making my bu-dunk-de-dunk look amazing. 

It has been one month since I started my new job back in a fantastic Seattle restaurant.   It is a lot of random hours, running from start to finish everyday; and I love every minute of it.  Best of all are these two days a week I can choose to make bad foot care decisions while wearing my “honey-booty” jeans. 

Wine pairing for Monday days off:  Claire Valley Dry Riesling.  It’s a super crisp and racy wine with beautiful flavors of apple; white peach, bee’s wax and honey suckle.  Also, it won’t stain anything if you happen to topple over in your 3.5-inch stilts.


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  1. Thanks for a great blog, oh, to be able to wear those sexy heels again, but I'd probably break a let if I tried now. Wear them with pride while you can and enjoy your day off.


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