Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sewing for France

In just over a week .... we are going to FRANCE!

I am incredibly excited and the whole family is looking forward to the trip.  Specifically, we are going to spend a week in the Loire Valley visiting chateau after chateau and then we will spend 4 days in Paris and finish it off with a day in Reims.

The most exciting part of the trip is that my parents will be meeting us in Paris!!!!  Needless to say, the kids are beside themselves.  They have been using a paper chain to count down the days.  (Though for some reason they call it a noodle.)

I made matching dresses for the girls to wear.  They got a trial run with them on Father's Day.  I am glad I did let them wear the dresses early because I think they need a more substantial hem .  I used a rolled hem in order to keep the length and to give a light effect, but with this fabric it starts curling.

So, in the future, you may see them wearing these dresses in front of 440 room castles or strolling down the streets of Paris.

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