Thursday, June 14, 2012

ready for the weekend

The last couple of weeks have been busy at work.  I have been running around from one task to the next just trying to keep up.  But the last couple of days I found my rhythm and checked things off the list.  I got enough done that I will thoroughly enjoy the weekend.

But just because I have have been busy, doesn't mean I stopped sewing.  Actually, particularly because work has been hard I have sewed.  Some nights I have been too tired to really make something so I will just do some pressing for a project or pin pieces to be ready for the next day ... or whenever I get back to the sewing room.

Last weekend I made a dress for me.  It is pretty wild and a little shorter than I am used to.  But I received a few unsolicited complements, and therefore will wear it again.

It is my own design and made of crepe de chine.  The sleeves are 'cut-on' cap sleeves so they are more like a long shoulder.  If I were to do it again, I would not have made a cowl neckline.  I don't think it looks that great on me.  But with the drapey fabric, it is soft and comfortable.

Next I am working on a couple dresses for the girls and then it will be my turn again.
But not tonight.  
Tonight I am simply waiting for it to be time to send the kids to bed and then I will curl up in mine.

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