Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day with PRP

Well, I did it.  I did not go to bed until quarter to midnight last night, but I got the outfit done.  It is crazy because it is not like I am really part of the contest, I am just participating in the show-and-tell.  But it does provide great motivation to get some things done for my kids.

Here is my "green" outfit.

The t-shirt was constructed from a men's shirt I picked up for $1 and the pants are made of organic cotton twill (the dyes used are also good for the environment.  Actually, the fabric was a dream to work with and I will definitely be ordering more (, in case you are interested)

I used an embroidery from for the t-shirt.  I love using my embroidery machine to dress up my creations.

The pants have 6 pockets; 2 that are cargo style.  Eli was glad to see so many pockets for his rocks, sticks, and anything else he picks up off the ground.  I am glad he liked them because I put more work than necessary into them.  I had the shorts all done except for the belt loops. I held them up with pride and then saw the pockets were on the inseam of the legs!  AAHHHHH!!  So I got out the seem ripper, took them off and re-did the cargo pockets.  It added about an hour to my sewing time because I had used bar-tacks on the corners so that they would not easily come off.

He picked out the red zipper.  He loves to have input into the clothes I make him.

Next week is color inspired ...  hopefully, I am able to not be working down to the wire this next time.

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  1. I feel for you. I did a zillion pockets for the sportswear challenge. They were a beast, and I'm still recovering from the sleep loss! Your outfit turned out great though, so hopefuuly it was all worth it.


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