Monday, April 30, 2012


Bluestocking: a woman with strong scholarly interests

Week 4 of PRP and the theme is inspired by a color.  I chose BLUE.  I chose it because:
  1. I have a lot of blue fabric on hand
  2. Abi loves blue
  3. It is pretty
But then the designing began.  I try to be a true artist and let the fabric tell me what it wants to be.  But I am incredibly practical, so I also tell the fabric what I need it to be.  This is the compromise I came up with for this week. 

The kids need shorts, so all my PRP projects have included shorts.

And Abi styles herself as a "sweet rock-star".  So I need something feminine but something she can add her own quirkiness to.

Then, as the outfit developed, I wanted it to have a theme/ title of sorts and "bluestocking" is perfect.  My Abi is a bit of an academic.  She wants to be a scientist when she grows up (astronomer is her preferred career goal right now).  So here is her bluestocking outfit.

How's that for a vocabulary word?  So we have accomplished all goals:

  • used fabric on hand
  • made shorts
  • came up with an artistic design with a color theme


  1. So cute. How fabulous that she wants to be a scientist!

  2. Thank you. I really liked how this outfit turned out. And yes, I think it is fabulous that she wants to be a scientist. It is also fun to see other people's faces when an 8 year old says, "I want to be an astrophysicist when I grow up."


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