Monday, May 7, 2012

3 Things

Well, I have 3 short things to say.

First, I love the sharing of ideas and creativity in the sew-alongs I have recently participated in.  I obviously have just started blogging (one month now) and one reason I was interested in doing so was to participate in events like PRP and KCWC (  One of the great ideas I saw (I am sooo sorry, I forget where.) is for some 70’s style running shorts using bias strips.  I kept on thinking about those little shorts so I decided to give it a go and modified one of my Sewing for Toddler’s patterns.  Here is what I came up with:

Second, I recently read one blogger say that she rarely uses ric-rac because it basically screams “home-made” and not in a good way.  What she said resonated with me and I believe it to be really a true statement; how many times do you see ric-rac on the runway or RTW?  Then just a couple of days later a very cute trim I bought just lacked the ‘wow’ factor when I paired it with my project.  So what did I do?  I broke out the ric-rac.  And it worked.  I guess there is a time and place for even ric-rac.

Third, the winner of the PRP sew-along this last week sewed (beautifully) an entire dress of bias strips.  REALLY?  Why?  She created a striking dress and must have spent hours working on it.  But again, why?  When I make clothes for my kids I want them to be able to ride bikes, swing on the monkey bars, and dig in the sand.  If I had put that much detail into their clothes, I would be insanely trying to protect that piece of art.  Instead of art, I make children’s clothes.  Clothes meant to be played in.  Just my two cents… and since this is my blog, I figure I can give it.

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