Sunday, September 6, 2015

Simplicity 1460 as a Lace Dress

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My husband accompanied me once to a trip to the fabric store.  I know *gasp*!  And to entertain himself he went over to the pattern books.  While he was there, he noticed it was a rare sale day where you could buy five patterns at $1.99.  Never being a guy to pass up a deal, he started picking out patterns of clothes he wanted me to sew.  Or more accurately, clothes he would like to see me in.

lace dress

Well, one of them is this vintage looking lace dress.  Lace and sheer are very fashionable right now and the feminine cut was appealing.  I bought some grey lace with a metallic sheen and found some navy silk I had left over from a previous project.  I chose to sew view A.

Source and Pattern Review store site

lace dress

Sewing this lace was not intuitive because I needed to make actual seams and darts for the dress, but I did not want them to look awful showing through the lace.  But it turned out that a standard seam with a finished zig zag edge looked just fine.

lace dress

 After putting it all together and styling it just like the pattern envelope, I was a bit disappointed.  I am just not sure if this style looks good on me.  I think I look better on a different silhouette.  I have worn it a couple times this summer and like it better when my hair is up (for some odd reason) but still feel frumpy and self-conscious in it.

lace dress

The pattern itself was nice and would recommend it for clarity and trueness of fit.  But, I don't really think it is me contrary to my husband's hope.

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