Monday, August 24, 2015

German Festivals

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Do you like carnival rides? Fair food? Beer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would love Germany between August and October. There are several big famous fests like Oktoberfest in Munich or the W├╝rstfest in Bad Durkheim. These are major events with lots of food, rides and fun. It is not all about the drinking and it has a definite carnival atmosphere.

traveling with kids

But there is a lot of drinking and if you are going with the kids, here are my recommendations. You should arrive right at the opening of the event. The lines will be shorter, the food is tasty, and the people are sober. Enjoy. And then, around dinner time, it would be a good time to go home. Because after dinner, at these big fests, people start to get their drink on.
traveling with kids

But what you may not realize is that just about every town has a weekend during fest season that they celebrate something. Each village is famous or hearkens back to some event or trade in its history. And that historical memory is worth a party. These are on a much smaller scale and have a wonderful community feel. For example, in September, the town we lived near had a fest where we celebrated the traditions surrounding making coal and blacksmithing. The little town’s center would turn into one big block party with food being served by different vendors, and kids playing on the fountain. There would be artisans selling their wares and of course, the highlight would be to go watch blacksmiths pounding things out the old fashion way.

traveling with kids

 Bigger towns may have a couple carnival rides too.

traveling with kids

At these hometown fests you will eat much more specialized regional foods and there is sure to be polka music.
traveling with kids
Mandelen which is German for toffee covered roasted almonds

traveling with kids
ginger bread hearts

If you get a chance, take your family and party like a German!

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