Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pencil Skirt fitting

This Spring, before I left for Afghanistan, I saw that Simple Simon was hosting pencil skirt sew along.  And it was not just a regular sew along; they were teaching how to draft one your self.  I really did not need to sew something for me, especially since I was leaving in 6 weeks, but I did.  

front of the skirt

It was a great learning experience.  I broke out some brown package paper, ruler, compass and tape measure and went to work.  But, despite my best efforts and trying it on along the way, I still had wrinkling in the front.

back view

I used a metal zipper in the back.  I thought that was fun.  And the fit back there was perfect.

side view

From the side view, you can see the wrinkles a little bit better.  In order to determine what went wrong, I consulted my Vogue sewing book.  It states that wrinkles like that are due to an abnormally large abdomen. hmmmm.  I think we call that left over baby belly in lay woman's terms.  And I really did not think mine was that bad.  But I guess, it is all about proportions.  So next time, I will adjust for that.  Or, while I am here in Afghanistan, maybe I can hit the gym a little harder and when I get home, the skirt may fit perfectly.

Here it is with a coordinating top.  I used the Parisian Top pattern from Go To Patterns.  I will blog about that on another day.

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  1. The top and skirt match so nicely. I read "Maria of Denmark"'s blog and she explains really well how to adjust for that tummy most of us have!


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