Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer play-shirt using McCalls 6548

Before I left for Afghanistan, I madly sewed trying to get some things done for the kids to wear this summer.  One of the items I sewed was a shirt meant just for playing.

I used view B McCalls pattern M6548 which was a quick and easy sew.  And since this was meant to be just a summer play shirt, I used an old Busch Gardens adult sized t-shirt and some scrap knit for the fabric.
I have been trying to use my larger scrap pieces.  I cannot bring myself to throw them away, but they are really too small for even something for my 3 year old.  But, I had enough of this blue for sleeves … barely!
I simply placed the pattern such that I could get most of the monsters centered on the front and then cut the back.  There was a bit of controversy over me cutting this shirt.  My eldest child had been using it as a sleep shirt and thought I did not have a right to cut it up.  But it was too short for her to wear around anyway and some things just need to be handed down.

Eli loved it.  And I hope he is enjoying wearing it and thinking of me as he enjoys the Alaska summer while I am deployed.

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  1. Sleeves are a great way to use up small pieces of knit fabric. I have a pile of large t-shirts, just waiting to be cut up and made into kids' t-shirts. Seems like the Busch Gardens design is very popular with your kids. It matches well with the blue sleeves. A fabulous refashion.

    1. Hi, I've featured your ti-shirt today...


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