Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pictures from home

First off, I need to say I have a really great husband.  Every couple weeks I get care packages crammed full of pictures of the kids, kid art, and kid crafts.  He also posts pictures of the kids and him doing fun things on Facebook nearly daily so I can see what they are all up to.

I recently received one of these great packages.  It had two framed pictures from recent outings and a whole bunch of snapshots and magnetic picture sleeves.  The snapshots now can be proudly displayed on my locker in my bedroom.  This locker is becoming covered in art and pictures.  It is wonderful.

As wonderful as it is; I had a pang of hurt when I saw all these great pictures.  You see, last time I deployed, my husband sent a lot of snapshots to be stuck to my locker.  I had a glorious collection of pictures of my then kindergartener and toddler.  But in the years that followed, sometimes one of them would say “Mom, remember when we ___.”  And I have to say “Well, I remember seeing the pictures.  You looked like you had a lot of fun.”  I don’t want to sound down in front of the kids, but I feel like that was a lost year.  It existed for them, but somehow it did not really exist for me.

And now I am receiving snapshots from baseball games, camping trips, playing in the sand at the beach…
Another lost year is occurring.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am proud of my job and what I am doing here in Afghanistan.  I am a part of a team that is making a difference.  But, it still hurts. 

I love those photos and I am sure my husband will keep them coming.  And I will continue to call and hear all about their adventures.  We will all be strong and make it through this separation.

If you are interested in hearing more from us, there are a couple ways for you to keep in touch!

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