Thursday, May 8, 2014

Knight Hoodie: a must sew

One day I was brousing my favorite sewing blogs and I saw this:

And immediately said, "I must make it!"

It is the knight hoodie by Charming Doodle.  And this pattern is awesome.  It is so easy to follow and so fun to sew.

I made one for my son and posted it on my personal facebook account to show my friends and family.  (I actually rarely show any of my sewing on my personal FB account, my sharing is pretty exclusive to Without Directions or Sew Cool for the Tween Scene.) And quickly there after my cousin requested to have a couple for her boys.

They thought they were ninja knights!

The pattern is so much fun so I made her boys some right away and shipped them off.

The only adjustment I made on this pattern was on hoodies #2 and #3 I added a lining.  I found that just turning over the hem was a pain but using a lining made it simple and made the inside really nice.

Charming Doodle
For the lining I cut off the mohawk piece.
Oh, and I did not use buttons as embellishments.  JoAnn's has prong backed studs that you can attach to fabric that I thought were perfect.  I used pewter colored ones with my son's grey material and bronze ones for the cousin's black hoodies.
Charming Doodle

The pattern comes in sizes 2T to 10.  And, according the the Charming Doodle web page, there are tween and adult sizes in the works.  Maybe my husband and I will need matching ones some day.

Charming Doodle
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  1. wonderful job! I want to sew some, too. Thanks for the tips/advice.


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