Sunday, September 8, 2013

last minute early Halloween

 Have you ever had those weekends where you have plans?  And then a child says "Mom, I need X tomorrow!"

I had one of those this weekend.  I was working hard on a project and making pretty good progress.  I was just sure that I would have it done before I had go back and work this Monday.  But, the above senario occured.

In the Anchorage, AK they have a traditional early trick-or-treat. It started when a dying boy asked to have Halloween early so he would not miss it. Now, several neighborhoods do it with in conjunction with fundraiser for other sick children. A great idea since late October is quite cold.


And the husband and I thought we were being so proactive in order to meet the early costume deadline.  We bought a Ironman costume for Eli, had a couple hand-me-down options for Isa, and Abi was going to wear her medieval costume from last year.  But, somehow, this week a tornado hit Abi's room and she could not find her costume.

Fall Queen/Fair

So, Saturday night, I was going through my random costume scraps from past homemade costumes and other random fabrics trying to figure out something.  She was Fall.  It was kinda a fair/queen/season.  Who knew that some lame, tule and green fleece could look so good?

Fall and Winter

And it worked out perfect as her friend just happened to be winter, so they trick-or-treated together!

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  1. She looks wonderful, what a great idea for a costume. Mothers got to great length to do for our children and you are no exception. And what a great idea to do Halloween early. Most of the time it is so cold that the coats, gloves and hats cover up all the hard work of the costume.


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