Monday, August 26, 2013

torquoise cardi for the fall

I picked up some great knit fabric at a garage sale.  There was enough for me to make something for Eli and me.  I already posted my project for Eli HERE.  And here is what I made for me.
sewing a cardi
I forgot to take my name tag off.

I actually have a bit more left over that I am sure I can do some color blocking on yet another project.

I used my grandmother's pattern Stretch and Sew # 300 again.  I had used it previously for an orange pullover and a striped cardi.
sewing a cardi

This time I made it a bit larger for a more relaxed fit.

And I used some gold vintage buttons my mom (M) had picked up for me a while back.  I think it provides a great contrast.

sewing a cardi

I used some of the knit to make a binding/facing.  And I added a band at the bottom.

sewing a cardi

I wore it with my maxi dress to the wedding and several times since.  I wore it school clothes shopping for my daughter and the clerk admired it.  I said thank you and thought to myself that it is funny that she works with 'fashion' all day and she likes my home-made cardi.  It was definitely worth the $5 I payed for the fabric.

loving my home sewn cardi!

And guess what?  This week I have started a new adventure with Sally from Daisy Chain Creations!  We are setting up a blog that is dedicated to sharing ideas and pattern reviews on pre-teen patterns.  It is called Sew Cool for the Tween Scene.  I would love it if you would come check us out!

If you are interested in hearing more from us, there are a couple ways for you to keep in touch!


  1. Very Cute! I found a lot of scrap material and yarn this weekend at my garage sales. I made a flower my daughter to wear out of the black satin I purchased. I am going to post their first day of school pics tomorrow and she'll be wearing the flower in her hair ;)

    1. I love shoping for fabric and it is even better when I can find it at a garage sale! Isn't it great when we can use those finds for our kids and us?

  2. I've never had a fabric score at a garage sale, but I often get lucky at thrift stores! I love a thrifty find! And your cardigan turned out great!


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