Thursday, July 4, 2013

Getting to know Alaska

Well, I (Major Moma) have been in Anchorage for a little over a week.  Of course minus a little (and I mean little) crocheting, there has not been a lot of creating by me.  Instead, we have bought a car, almost closed on a house, and in-processed into work.

But last weekend, we did do a little sightseeing to get the kids out of the hotel room and to enjoy the short, but beautiful Alaskan summer.  Can I just say wow?

Anchorage, AK
view from our hotel
This place is amazing.

wildlife conservation at Portage, AK
Elk at a conservation park near Portage, AK

I am loving the mountains.

glaciers near Portage, AK
glaciers near Portage, AK

And the glaciers are so blue.  I have decided to use the above picture for our Inspiration Point for July.

Mountain views on Alaska coast; near turnagain, AK

Up until last night we have not seen any signature wild life outside of the nature preserve; that was fun too.  But last night on my way home from Target, There was a moose walking across an overpass.  It was HUGE.  It will be interesting the first time a moose is in my yard.  And I have been told that moose, or any other large animal, in the yard is a legitimate reason to not go to work.  You are to stay put until they move on.  It is safer that way.

moose at conservation park near Portage, AK
Moose at conservation park

So next week our household goods will arrive and a mountain of boxes will need to be unpacked.  That, along with sights to see, may keep me from creating for a bit longer.  I have a couple projects that were left un-blogged that I will likely use to fill the space.   But until I have something done, I will post a few pictures of the great views I am enjoying.  And maybe you can share what you love to do when the summer makes it worth leaving your sewing room.

Isa enjoying watchin elk near Portage, AK


What is your favorite summer outdoor activity?

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  1. M here, love seeing the pictures. It is so beautiful there. The mountains are amazing. be careful of the Moose...


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