Monday, June 17, 2013

Socks for Alaska

This last December I (Major Moma) found out that we would be moving to Alaska; to Anchorage, Alaska.  It was not exactly what we planned, but with life in the military, you go where you are told.  And the truth is we were pretty excited about the adventure it will bring.

We currently live in Germany so the move requires all of our house hold goods to be packed up, crated and shipped half way around the world.  So we had it all packed in April.  Well, minus some clothes and towels and bed linens (those went in a separate air freight shipment last Friday.  And we arrive in Alaska next week.

Knowing that there would be no sewing for a few months, my husband suggested that I take up crochet.  My mom had taught me earlier in the fall and I made a couple of silly hats over the winter.  But, since we are going to Alaska, I figure that I will be needing wool socks.

So this February, I picked up some wool blend sock yarn.  And it took me 6 weeks to make my first sock.  Now, I was not crocheting full time yet because we still had stuff.  I still had my sewing room.  But, after practicing on that first sock, I got better. 

wool crochet socks
The first one is a little bit longer

And during Spring Break I crocheted in the car and made the second sock.  And it only took a week!  So on to the 3rd sock.  It took more than a week because I was not spending hours driving around southern Germany.

And one more.

wool crochet socks

Two pairs of wool blend socks.  They are super comfortable.  I used Colorful Crochet Socks pattern I found through ravelry.  I was looking for one labeled easy.  I think it still was pretty ambitious for someone who only crocheted two hats.  But each sock looked better than the last. 

I am pretty proud of myself.  And when it is cold, I am going to wear these socks.

 Have you been to Alaska?  Do you have any tips? 


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