Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pants with patches

 A while back I (Major Moma) posted about a blue collared shirt and a brown vest that I had planned for my son's Easter outfit.  But, I did not yet complete pants to go with them. 
pants with built in patches
Eli with his best friend.
I did actually finish those pants and he wore them on Easter, and several times since.  I am just now having the chance to tell you all about them.
They are the Blank Slate pant from Blank Slate Patterns by Melly Sews.  I have made these guys several times and love them more each time.  This time I added a couple of twists.  For both the front and back I did patch pockets.  I used the textured side of the shantung that I used on his vest.  And then dressed the pockets up a bit with some cream satin piping and bright blue top stitching.
clean slate pants with built in patches, front

clean slate pants with built in patches, back

Then I did something really different.  I added patches to the knees.  I learned about this technique from Made by Rae.  Pure genius.  You build the patch into the pant so you don't have to add it later.  I made these patches out of the same fabric, following the tutorial, and top-stitched with that same bright blue thread.

Clean Slate pants with built in patches

The best part is that he loves the look of them too.  I think that built in patches will become a norm for us.

What about you?  Do you have any tricks to make your clothes more durable and user friendly?

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