Monday, May 13, 2013

Making mending fun ... sorta

My husband thinks that because I (Major Moma) can sew, that means I can mend.  He will put clothing with all sorts of rips on my sewing table with the implied task that I figure out a way to extend the life of that poor worn out shirt/pant.

But what he doesn't understand is that not everything can be or should be mended.  If he has a big gaping hole in the sleeve of his shirt that is not on a single seam, maybe that shirt should be relegated to yard-work-only wear.

And, he completely cannot comprehend my loathing of mending.  "But you love to sew ..."  Sewing something new and creative is different than patching a hole.  At least in my mind. 

So, in order to get myself motivated, I used March's Inspiration Point image.  And I used Made by Rae's excellent ideas for making knee patches.

March 2013 IP

These are my son's jeans.  He normally perches in a squat position when playing, so he had not worn through too many pants.  But that has been changing lately so a few of his pants I made into shorts because they would be grown out of before long.  And this pair I added the patches.

Do you see where my idea came from in the IP image?

creative patches

Funny enough, Eli really likes them.

We have not really advertised it this month, but there is a May IP.  We invite you to create ... anything... based on the below image and upload it to our flickr group page.  It can be sewn, paper crafted, a story, poem ... We really mean anything.

May 2013 Inspiration Point

 So, will you join us?


  1. Hi! I really like your knee patches! I've tried to do the same for my son's pants, but have had a hard time getting the leg to fit under my needle. How did you do it?

    1. It is so hard to get the leg in with small pants. But what I did is: 1) take off the tray so it is just the skinny arm of the machine, 2) change the foot to an embroidery free form foot (the silly looking one with just a big hole 3) drop the feed dogs 4) slide the pant leg on with the patch pined in place. Then you just carefully move the pant leg forward, backward, and side to side. It is similar to machine quilting. If you look at my patches, you will see my technique is less than steady. :D ~Major Moma

  2. I totally can relate to the comments about your husband and the needed mending of the clothes! haha I just can't bring myself to do it when there is other fun things to make ;)


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