Monday, April 22, 2013

chill shirt

Hello all!  After sharing only kids clothes for a while, I thought it was time to share some thing made for me (Major Moma).  I used the same pattern as Burda chill dress that I shared earlier but this time with a lot less issues.  Also, this time I made it as a  tunic! ( Chill Dress 11/2012 #136A).

The fabric I uses is a silky knit with stripes of individual sequins sewn on to the fabric.  I used this fabric previously on a shirt I made my daughter as part of her Fall 2012 collection.

It actually looks quite cute on her, but I never have gotten a picture.
The fabric is from and it really is nice to work with.  It has plenty of stretch but is not so stretchy that it slips around and puckers.  Also, it is nice and smooth; other than the sequins.  I left the edges raw but the neckline is faced using bias tape. 

I thought a glass of champagne would be a good prop. 
However, the legos to the left sort of take away from the mood.
I thought it would be a a nice night-on-the-town shirt since it has the sparkle.  But I have actually worn it more with jeans running around errands than actually on dates with the husband.

I like the shirt version of of this pattern much more than the dress and I know I will get a lot more wear out of it.

Do you wear sparkly clothes for errands?  Or do you reserve them for actual occasions?


  1. Gorgeous outfit and I love the sparkles. I must admit to have worn the odd sparkle on the school run. Sometimes we with young children just have to grab any opportunity to be a bit glam, lego and all! Cheers!!

  2. That's lovely! You deserve that glass of champers!

  3. I'm one who believes sparkles should be worn whenever the mood strikes, whether there's an "occasion" to do so or not. Very pretty top.


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