Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog improvement

Soooo, none of us are very tech savvy.  It is amazing that we actually post on a blog.  Actually, it was M who first started reading blogs, and as our mother, she is the oldest of us all and thus that shows how technically lame her girls are.

However, slowly, we are trying to improve the site.

One improvement we just made is to your left ... Social Media Icons.  We have had a FB fan page since February, but barely anyone knows about it.  But now, we have a cute little button that you can click to get there!  And, there is a pinterest button that sends you to Major Moma's pinterest account.  And there is a flickr button that leads you to our Inspiration Point group page!  Wow.  Look at that.

{Oh, and about the Inspiration Point.  We are not having one this month.  We all were just to busy to do it.  But, it will likely start up again in May.}

I would like to give a shout out to A Typical English Home.  It is thanks to her tutorial that we were able to make this small improvement.

So now the implied request (I guess not so implied now) is that you all should come visit us in those other social forums!

Thank you,

M, Mc H, Major Moma, and Winocologist


  1. Hi there! Glad you like the social media icons :)

    I've replied to your pin it button question, here's the post link again if you need it:


    If my answer isn't clear enough then please send me an email and I'll go over it in more depth.

    Angela @ A Typical English Home

    1. Thank you very much Angela! Your instructions were very clear and I got it fixed. ~Major Moma


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