Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

embroidery from urban threads
Since it is the day when wearing pink and red together is OK and that everyone wants to stick a heart on just about everything, I (Major Moma) thought I would share the last thing I was able to make out of the heart minke.  I made a coat dress and vest earlier this winter.   But I actually have had this fabric for a long time.  I got it on sale and bought a bunch of it.  I previously made two hoodies with it.  One for my oldest daughter and one for her friend.  I don't have the pictures for the friend's but here is Abi's.  I made this a year or so ago. 

Ottobre pattern from 2007
It is a great fabric, nice and cuddly and easy to care for.    And I had just a little bit left.  So, I made a vest for Isa.   

I just used a basic bodice from a dress pattern and lengthened it.  And then I lined it with pink lining fabric and put on cute little bow buttons.

I think it would be cute to wear today.  I know that Abi is wearing hers to school.  But I doubt my husband will even think to put this little vest on Isa for the holiday. 

Why would it be his decision?  Well something pretty wonderful about my husband is that he has chosen to be a stay-at-home DAD.  See, I work full time in a job that I cannot just quit.  And we both feel strongly that it is actually my calling.

And when we decided to have children, he decided having a parent stay home with them, at least when they are below school age, was a priority for him.  And thus, he did.

When I come home at night, I am greeted by happy kids and most often dinner is being served.  More than just cooking, he is truly a home and family manager.  He makes sure that the family is well taken care of.  It really is amazing that he made this choice.  But that is the kind of guy he is.  He makes decisions that are best for the family. 
And that is why he is my #1 Valentine.
~Major Moma

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